34th Gear: Triumph Thruxton 900 EFI 2014 Meteor sidecar

Custom modification of the 22th Gear Triumph Thruxton with Watsonian Meteor Sidecar with Brookland windscreen Based on a design dating back to 1946, the original Meteor was built using a batch of RAF Mosquito bomber reserve fuel tanks, which Watsonian bought from the Air Ministry at the end of the Second World War. Made from stretched and spun plywood, the tanks were were light and aerodynamic, so Watsonian adapted them to use as sidecar bodies. The body shell of the modern Meteor is produced from fiberglass, using a mould taken from one of the original plywood bodies. It sits on a tubular steel chassis, which is upgrated from the 1940's design with addition of a shock-absorber and 16″ wheel. A fold-down windscreen is mounted on a cast aluminium bar in front of the cockpit and the seat tilts forward to provide access to storage space behind. Dimensions Meteor Length 7ft. Width 3' 4" Leg room 3' 8" Cockpit width 15 3/8inches The mounts were done by us and we improved the handling of the bike with stiffer front suspension, new YSS shocks on the back and a stearing damper. Finaly we painted the sidecar according to the colours of the bike.